Trevor Hill

After years of joking around with his friends, literally none of them insisted that Trevor bring his talents to the stage. And on a dare, he ended up winning that contest! And the rest is history. Trevor got his start at the world renowned and internationally respected: Mike T. Benatar's Zanie Chuckle Station in Hermosa Beach, CA. This is where he met and shared the stage with such comedy legends as Tito the Entertainer and Jeffy "The Banana Man" Silverstein.

After only 2 hours and 45 minutes in the comedy game, Trevor has performed in clubs in SF, LA, NY, H, and also D. He has also performed his family-friendly stylings at all the colleges on Earth. His hard hitting comedy touches on such controversial topics as incest, genocide, and Sandra Bullock movies. Trevor is also the co-creator and host of the award-winning comedic game show: "Hey, What's in this Can?". In 2009, he was a semi-quarter finalist in a Comedy Competition. And the rest is history...


Upcoming Bay Area Shows

No shows at this time.

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